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Monday, March 2, 2015

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Forms & Instructions for Lobbyists

Lobbyist FAQ's
Lobbyist Workshop Questions & Answers
Sample Forms and Schedules

City of San Jose Lobbyist Report
Contact Continuation Sheet - Supplement to above for multiple listings
Lobbyist Report Extract - (Form only) to file form without instructions
Schedule A - Contributions, Expenditures, Fundraising and Donations
Schedule B - Payment for Consultant and Other Services
Schedule C - Activity Expenses
Form D - Lobbyist Disclosure of Contingent Compensation
Form E - Lobbyist Annual Registration and Client Renewal
Form F - Contract Lobbyist Client Notice of Termination
Form G - Contract Lobbyist Notice of New Client

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Lobbyist Documentation

Lobbyist Ordinance #28074

Title 12 - Ethics Provisions

Lobbyist Fees (Res. #73637)

Registered Lobbyists

City Officials
On-line Filing & Reports

Registered Lobbyist Search

Federal Lobbyist Information
City's Federal Lobbyists

State Lobbyist Information
City's State Lobbyist



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